Ivans Team

Welcome to the Family

Fresh, delicious, homegrown food is at the heart of the Grgurinovic family.  For generations in their homeland of Croatia, growing your own food was a way of life.  Since 1979 they have continued this tradition in Australia – supplying WA families with the best local produce, and in 1991 they began selling their produce at the Midland Farmers Market.

Ivan and his family have always worked together.  The kids spent most of their childhood in the soil, helping tend the market garden after school, picking spring onions and pulling weeds.  They always looked forward to a home-cooked meal after a long day’s work.

Now growing produce on their farms in Wattleup, and sourcing the freshest, quality produce from other local farms around Western Australia, Ivan’s kids are now adults and proudly still part of the family business.  All the hard work and long hours throughout the years have helped them expand to some of the most popular farmers markets in Perth, including the Farmers Market on Manning and the Local Farmers Market Honeywood, and previously the Palmyra Western Farmers Market.

They have always just enjoyed the simple things in life; good quality food appreciated with people they love.