Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I didn’t receive my delivery window email?

A: Please check your junk/spam folder. If it’s not in there please email us at

Q: Do you recycle the boxes?

A: Yes, we do! We also reuse the red produce netting and egg cartons. Please leave them at your front door on your next delivery day & we will collect them when dropping off your order.

Q: Some items won’t let me press Add to Cart?

A: If it’s not allowing you to add to cart, you’ll need to click onto the drop-down box that says unit and select either per each or per kg.  This allows you to get the specific amount you require.

Q: Where can I get help with ordering?

A: If you have any issues with ordering, please email us at for help and we’d be happy to assist you.

Q: Why does my bank account show you've taken the money twice?

A: Because we use pre-authorisation of payment to ensure the fairest and most accurate produce prices at the time of packing your order (saving you money), your bank “reserves” the money in your bank account, and releases it back to you once the actual transaction is made (similar to how hotels pre-authorise a bond).

This is usually instantaneous, however we have noticed some banks take longer than others to release these funds back to customers. In particular, Bankwest can take up to 10 days to release pre-authorised funds back to their customers. Most other banks don’t seem to have an issue, so if in doubt, please use a non-Bankwest card.

Unfortunately this is something we have no control over, as it is up to individual banks and their internal reconciliation systems, when they release funds.

Please be assured we have no way of double-processing your payment; our system relies on Stripe, a global industry-leading secure transaction processing service, which makes it impossible for businesses to take money multiple times on a single order.

If it has been longer than 10 business days and your funds are still “held”, please do email us and we will do what we can to assist.